Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Dinosaur Card!

My husband's side of the family is... well unique... to say the least. Rich and his brother are pretty close, and we love to spend time with them, however living in different states does not always allow us to see each other as much. So when I realized his birthday was right around the corner I hopped on my cricut, and with the help of my husband's dry humor, we found a perfect way to say Happy Birthday to his brother.

The paper was just from my stash, however I did use some enhancements to make it stand out a little more. When I cut the dinosaur and the caveman out, using the Paperdoll Dress Up cart, I used my cricut markers to draw the outline, and then I went back through and cut the image out. I can not find the original video that I used to learn how to do this, but this video states the same thing, so you can learn the technique by watching it. The best advice I can give you with using the markers is do not forget to adjust your pressure. I did that a few times, and thankfully it did not screw my project up majorly, but it is something that you will forget... trust me on that one!!!

I also used the Paperdoll Dress up cart for the volcano in the background.

I used my white gel pen for the Dino's teeth, stickles for the spiny bumps, and for the lava and the smoke for the volcano. I then used a small brad from my stash for the dino's eyes. On the caveman, I used a light pink gel pen for the marks on his cheeks, I just put a small mark and then used my finger to kind of make it look like a blush effect. Then I marked some hair for the hair piece.  To give the caveman a better enhancement, I placed him on the card using an Action Wobble, which I absolutely love to use!!! And the Dinosaur was poped up with pop-dots.

Inside, I simply printed out a text with a color background from my computer. I haven't found a good "dino" font for Cricut, but if anyone out there knows of a good one, let me know. At any rate, this was something I found online and downloaded to my document program, so now I have it for future use too.

Again on the inside, I used the dino font I found online and printed it from my computer printer. This was by far the most fun I have had making a card. I am so excited to send this to my brother-in-law, and I'm sorry to part with the card. However, knowing that I can simply print out a new one any time I want, I am so eager to find another person to make it for.

Hope you enjoyed the dino card, and if you have any comments feel free to leave them. Be posting again soon!

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