Saturday, April 30, 2011

First Paper Craft Post

Okay, so I have a different blog where I talk about my life as a military wife, however I have become so obsessed with paper crafting and scrapbooking that I find myself talking about this more than my actual life... trust me its a lot more interesting... but I still blog about the ups and downs of living as a military family and you can check that blog out too at... A Real Military Wife! However this page is just for my paper crafting and all the new ways I've found to do some really creative ideas!!! I will be linking up with other paper crafters, so look out for the links to their sites, they have given me so much inspiration. At any rate, I wanted to post my first project, and its a Mother's day card. I can post this because the person I am making it for doesn't really follow blogs, so I think it should be safe. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and post comments or questions... I'm still learning so if you have suggestions I would love them. See you all soon!!!

The basic card design I found at Jazzy's Cards. She has this really great design for the trifold card, and while it takes a little time, it is so worth it in the end.
I used paper from a K&Company paper pack, which has designs on both front and back, so I can add more to the back if I want. I kept it simple, and will probably put some writing on the back of a more personal message! The abstract circles I got from my Home Accents cart, and I put the circle layer on top with some glitter and used a Action Wobbles  just to add some extra detail.

Then I put the heart from the Home Accents in the middle of the circle
For the bathtub I used the cricut Splish Splash lite cartridge. I just bought this cart and I am loving it. I have done so many things with it already. Anyway, I thought it fit this card perfectly, it even had the word Relax on the cart so I added that to emphase what I imagined a good Mother's day to be!!

You can't really see the words, but the top part has the words Happy Mother's Day that I used the Cricut Design studio to help weld them together from the Storybook cart. Then I used a crayola marker to shade it the right color since I didn't have the best paper to work with. I added some Stickles to the stems of the flowers that were already on the paper and some Glossy Accents to the flower petals to make it look a little dewy... you can't see that very well in the pic either, but its there.

All in all I loved making this card, and my creative juices were on a high!! Hope you enjoyed!