Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just a note

Okay, I am hoping to get on here with another project soon, but I wanted to let everyone know first... Walmart appears to be having a huge sale on their cricut cartridges. I don't know if they are getting rid of that type of merchandise, or if new ones are coming in, but the lite cartridges where I live are $20.00 and the full ones are $30.00 I believe. So check it out. Even if you don't like the lite cartridges very much there are some really cute ones. I purchased two B is for Boy and Live Simply... so basically I got two for the price of one because they are usually about $40.00.

Both of these carts look really cute, and I can so see myself making a bunch of new projects with them. I especially love the boy factor all over the B is for Boy... its hard to find cute boy stuff that I can use for my son, but this one is cute without being too babyish for him. Anyway, check your local Walmart out... doesn't look like its going on at the website, so maybe its just my Walmart, but we all know we are going to be in Walmart at some point this week, so drop by their scrapbook aisle!!! Talk to you all soon!