Saturday, November 16, 2013

Craft Room Reveal!

Okay, so last time I was on here I showed you what my craft room looked like before we did any work on it. My husband recently checked my blog out and "yelled" at me for not posting all the hard work we (he) did in the room. Soooo... here is the pictures from the craft room update!!

Old vs new

 So the old wall color was green... not too bad, but not what I wanted. So we painted it this lovely color blue called Rhythmic Blue by Behr. The room only has one small window, and this color really brightened it up a lot! Then we added wainscoting to the bottom portion. We could have bought it in the color white, but I wanted it to be painted a special color white that I found. 

Floors being installed and walls completely painted
 The color of the wainscoting is called Swiss Coffee another Behr color. Once the white was up it really brightened up the room and I already started to feel relaxed. We also put in wood floors. I debated and debated about the color. I almost put in a white type wood color, and it would have gone nicely with the beach theme, cuz it looked like it had been painted and worn down by all the sand brought in, but I fell in love with this warm Carmel brown, and I love walking into that room now with those floors!
Tech savy stuff!
Because my family is a bunch of nerds we have to have ways to use all of our tech stuff. So on two walls we placed these ports that connect to our home network system and our phones. This wall only has two ports available right now, but we can add up to four more. The other wall has four ports available, and I'm using a lot of them... LOL! More about my nerdy house later!
An amazing fan!
 While the old fan worked, it was out dated and did not really go with the feel of the room, so I found this at Home Depot and fell in love. I love the fact that it looks like its made out of bamboo and something you would use on a porch to fan yourself with. The light is nice too! For once I'm not afraid to put my fan on high speed and fear for my life... LOL!
Cricut Center
Of course my Cricut Imagine needed a good place to stay. I'm not sure if this will be its forever home in my craft room, but for now it works very nicely. It was an old computer desk that we had, so the bottom portion is filled with albums I'm currently working on and a shelf system to hold up to five pages that I'm scrapping together. Its also placed next to our tech savy stuff so that I can plug it into our network and not its remotely connected to my computer so I can print from the Cricut Craft room without needing wires running all over my floors. (Really this was my hubs idea which was so amazing of him!)
Yarn and Paper Station
To the left of the Cricut center is my yarn and paper station. We are still working out the kinks on how to get my paper to be accessible without being a mess. The first idea of using big magazine holders did not work out well, partly because paper is heavy and the magazine holders were made out of thinner plastic. Also, since this pic was taken I have added another bin station for more yarn... I went through a bit of an obsession with yarn for awhile!
Corkboard Closet door!
I wanted to make as much space usable as possible, so using some cork board I had previously bought for something else, I hung them on my closet door with command strips. Now I can place cards I made/get, and other things on the door. As you can see its also right next to where my desk is... The command center of the room. 
The Command Center
My desk was placed in a corner, but pulled away from the wall to give access to the shelves. We are still debating about cutting the shelves so the desk can go back further, but I actually like that its pulled out from the wall and I can get to my other tech savy section of the room without pulling things away from the wall and such. Also, the cats love to sleep back there, so I actually put one of their cat beds back there. 
Shelves, shelves, and more shelves.
The shelves by my desk go all the way across the wall and I have placed my cartridges there in alphabetical order. I have added a lot more boxes and stuff to this section, but still a lot of organization needs to be done. As I find what works and what doesn't I make changes. 

So there is my Craft Room Reveal. I love the colors, the feel and oh the wonderful knowledge that I can go in there and craft away. 

Of course this isn't the only remodel we have been doing in our house. My other blog, which is dedicated to our house, our lives, and so much more has a contest going on... Check it out to win a $25 gift card from Home Depot! The House of Nerds is full of interesting things going on in my life, so go check it out and join in the contest! Hope to see you there!