Monday, May 9, 2011

Can a Hippo be a Pet???

So, I was able to squeeze in another challenge card from this weekend, but I contemplated if it fit the theme or not. I finally decided that it did, since for many Christmas' now I have wanted a pet Hippo, but alas, our little town will not allow it (or Rhinos either, but that is another subject for another day). So I guess I will have to settle for pictures and card themes with Hippos in them.

In about a weeks time I will be heading back to PA to visit my family for my niece's graduation. She is graduating from high school this year, and we have been planning this for almost a year now... so I'm supper excited about going back to visit family and friends. While I am there, I have the privilege of seeing my best friends daughter and celebrating her birthday. I don't get to see them very often, and my little baby is growing up so fast... and now she has a baby sister that I only get to see in pictures.

So I wanted to make a special card for her birthday since I get to go to her party while I'm there. I contemplated for a long time what kind of card to make, because I only have a son, and well, he's not too into girly things. I'm completely lost when it comes to doing stuff for girls... just ask my dear friend Dawn in Las Vegas... helping her youngest go to the bathroom when she was potty training was interesting to say the least. Anyway, I am off subject now.

After many weeks of stewing about whether or not I should by the Create A Critter Cartridge, my dear husband put me out of my misery and bought it for me as part of my birthday present (love having my birthday during this time of year, cuz there are no other holidays to mess with it). So when it came in, I dug right into making one of those cute creatures, and the Hippo one the slot. I used all the layers of the hippo, and the little flower that comes out of the last layer, I embelished with Fun Flock... which is my new favorite embellishment. I then used brads for my hippo's eyes, and cut out the tulips and the Happy Birthday from the same cartridge. I added a little bling to the Happy Birthday by putting some white stickles on it, and then glued it all down... however, my paper had glitter in it, so you really have to use good glue, I always forget that when I do projects like this.

So now I have a cute purple/pink Hippo to give to a sweet little girl!!! Now to find the perfect gift to go with it... ugh!!! Hope you enjoy!

PS... this was also part of My Pink Stamper's challenge from Saturday, which you can see on the link provided.

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