Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Okay, so was anyone else spazing out over the fact that they could not check up on their favorite blogs for like 36 straight hours!?!?!?! I was so lost without all these wonderful ideas coming my way!! Thankfully I had homework to keep me busy!

So, I haven't posted in a few days, and not all of it was because the blogger was down. I've been preparing for a trip back to my hometown in PA. My niece is graduating from high school, and I really want to go home and celebrate with everyone, so I've been getting ready for that. Also, I've been behind on my school work. I'm in college for my bachelors degree, and while I thought the work for an associates was tough I was sadly mistaken, but it is so worth it. I love learning new things, and I love my field of study which makes it that much better.

Anyway, onto the project I want to post for today. I found this awesome site through another blog I've started following... CAS-ual Fridays, and their idea is basically, clean and simple, which is something I was looking for when it came to a card for my SIL. (Look at that I'm picking up on the blogger lingo...aren't you all proud of me!!!) Anyway, I wanted something simple and classy, but something that really reflected what I was thinking about her at the time. She's a great gal, and I'm so glad to have her in my life.

So anyway, when I found the CAS-ual Friday's blog, I was super excited, so excited that I forgot to look at the date, and did not realize that the challenge was over. So I went along my merry way and made a card to that challenges specs, only to realize after the blogger came back up that it was over. So, I decided to incorporate both of the challenges into my card instead of giving up totally. We were to use twine and buttons, and while  my card already had some embellishments on it with the flowers, I did already have the twine, so I only needed to place a button somewhere, so I decided that the best spot was the bow. This way, it doesn't detract from the rest of the card, and it kind of looks like it belongs there. I used paper from a pack I was given years ago by my DH (again with the blogger lingo), and I don't even remember the name of the pack. I used a bunch of spare flowers and brads that I had laying around, and of course my twine and spare button. I'm low on the buttons, only have a few colors to choose from, as I'm just starting to use these details on my cards. I had a stamp that I bought at my local scrapbook stores deal table, and I finally got to use Tim Holtz Destress Ink, Tea Dye color. Again, I'm just starting out with the stamps, and only have a few to pick from, but hopefully that will change soon. The writing on the front was done by myself, I actually used a pencil and wrote it first and then went over it with an ink pen... I wanted to give it that old fashioned feel and that is why the script looks that way. I hope it shows up right.

Anyway, I was pleased with how it turned out, and I think it will be a nice card for my SIL.

On other news, you may have noticed some changes on my blog. I've been playing around a little bit, and I was looking for something that would go with my Purple Giraffe theme... another day I will go into the whole Purple Giraffe name... so I found this great site on another blog, and found this wonderful purple background look. Can you believe my favorite color is not purple!?!?!?! Anyway, I also titled my followers and Zoo members, and I hope you don't take offense. See my life is a Zoo most of the time, with my schedule being crazy, and my husband coming and going with his job, and if you were ever to watch me when I'm paper crafting you would think it was a Zoo with all the paper flying every which way and all. At any rate, I thought it went great with my Purple Giraffe name, and so again, no offense meant, its just a sign of my personality, a bit crazy, haphazard, and sometimes even lost amongst the papers and brads!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and leave comments if you would like.


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  2. I love how you incorporated both challenges! Your card is beautiful! Thanks for playing along at CAS-ual Fridays!

  3. Oooh I really like the longer size on this pretty card. The layered flowers add a lot of pizzaz! So glad you joined us for CAS-ual Fridays!

  4. What a great card size! Love the twine to the side with your button and your flowers are so pretty :) Thanks for playing this week at CAS-ual Fridays!

  5. This card sure is simple and classy! Your SIL is going to LOVE it! I'm super excited that you got to play this time! Blame it all on Blogger (LOL)!! Thanks so much for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays! Hope to see your fab work again!

  6. Your SIL will love it! Its so fun that you got to play both challenges on one card! Glad you played with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  7. You are such a good sport to go forward and combine to the two challenges - and the end result of that is wonderful! I'm sure your SIL loved it, as do I! Thanks for playing with us at CAS-ual Fridays! Hope to see more of your beautiful work again!

  8. Cute card....I have an award for you. Please go to my blog here

  9. Very pretty!I love all the detail!
    Thanks for playing at CAS-ual Fridays!