Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Craft Room Re-DO!

Our House when we moved in!
When we were looking for our house back in 2010 we wanted at least three bedrooms, but would have loved a fourth because I was working from home at the time and my own office would have been great. So when we found our house we were thrilled to know that it did indeed have four bedrooms. 
For the next year or so I used the fourth bedroom as my personal office for work, and it was great. No interruptions from the rest of the household while I was busy, and I could even shut the cats out! Then I found a job in my degree of specialty (psychology), and I no longer needed my own office. This left us to wonder what we would do with it. 

Eventually, as things usually happen, my love for my crafts gave the room its new purpose, however it wasn't set up right for it.  
The desk was squeezed in the corner and covered with a mess, because I had no place to stretch out. 
In the opposite corner I have a small folding table that I use for things I'm currently working on, however its not a very sturdy table, so when I go to cut paper it moves and shifts... not the best thing when you are looking for a straight line!
 The corner with the window is smushed with temporary shelving units and my Cricut Imagine on an old printer desk! You can barely get to the closet which in itself is a disaster area (someone needs to call that place a state of emergency because it really is!).
The floor is covered in things that I placed there because there was no room for it anywhere else. Walking in that corner shown in the picture is like trying to avoid landmines... it doesn't work very well!
Finally my yarns were corralled in bins, but were not sorted very well, and if you look closely there is a bag full of yarn that didn't even make it into a bin because I ran out of bin room!  
My inspiration for the room's decor has been the beach! I love the relaxation I get when I think of the waves lapping against the sand, and the sand between my toes, not to mention the warm sun and cool breeze on my face. When I go to my craft room I want it to be my retreat from my boys and my life, and what better way to make it feel like that than to make it feel like a beach house. I see it all in my head, I just hope that it comes out the way I see it!

So do you have a room that you use to relax? Did you find inspiration from a place or thing to decorate that room, or even your whole house. Leave a comment about what you have done, I'd love to hear! Keep checking back for updates on Craft Room Re-DO!!!!

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