Thursday, June 9, 2011

Reusing my Glass Jars

Okay, so I don't know about any of you, but the prices of glass jars at the craft store are crazy, and even at Wal-mart and such. Sure some of them come in cute shapes, but still, I mean, here is a pic of  a small jar I picked up with flowers in it for about $6. The only reason I picked this up was because I really liked the flowers, but I vowed to never do it again!

So one day, after dinner I was cleaning up and getting ready to toss my spaghetti sauce jar in the recycling, when I realized that I loved the shape of the jar. It dawned on me that I had been throwing away glass jars for months now (years, but months since I started craving jars for my scrapbook room), and here was this perfect jar for storing stuff in. It was a little blah in the cute factor, as in, I really didn't like the lid, but the jar itself was perfect.

So I decided to start saving them and as I found things to put them in I place them in there. Then today while I was cleaning up in my craft room I found some leftover fabric I had used months ago. So I pulled out my hot glue gun, and with the help of my DH, I was able to make a cute top to cover up the lid that was, well a little less cute.

You can't really see it in the picture, but the fabric has monkeys on it, which I thought fit my whole Purple Giraffe thing going, I mean you can have more than one animal in a zoo, right! I took some ribbon that I bought on clearance recently, tied it in a knot, and glued it into place in three spots, and now its ready for storage in the cutest fashion.

So has anyone else done something like this to save on money for your storage. I love having my room all organized (which its not right now, in the middle of redoing things in my room, and its gonna be awhile before its done), but I hate paying the prices, so when I find ways to save like this I love it. If you have a story of normal objects being put to usefulness tell us, who knows, I might have to try it out myself!!!

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  1. I just brought my craft room upstairs where my old desk use to be. One trip to Ikea and I now have a wonderful desk. This desk is longer and has a side piece that slides under the main desk, but there is no and place for the CPU, printer, modem and external storage. So me and my friend redid the old desk to hold them under the new one, added rollers and saved us 50 dollars from buying something. Hope this explains what I did. In short, if you are replacing a piece of furniture maybe tear apart the old to make something new.