Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Question!

Okay, this is a quick post. I have some new cards I need to put up, but this week has been crazy. I've had several days of training at work (ugh), and I've been trying to clean my son's room... now a person would think that when there is only one child in the house that there should not be too much of a mess... that person needs to come to my house and see how much of a mess one child can make. It our annual, go through the old toys because our birthday is almost here and we have to make room for the new toys, however we find the old toys we forgot about and suddenly want to play with them (double ugh). At any rate, I will be posting soon, probably this weekend, but I wanted to put a question up for you all!

I am looking into buying my very first stamp set, but there are so many out there, and its so hard to pick. What is your go to stamp kit if you stamp at all, and where did you get it from? I know there are a lot of sites out there that sell stamps, and I even follow a couple of blogs that sell stamps, and I'm looking into all of them, but as I said, so many to choose from and I start to hyperventilate, and just walk away before I even purchase anything. I know that once I get one set I'll be able to get another one much easier, but its the first set that is holding me up. So come on with all of your suggestions, tell me your favorites, how you tend to use them, and what you suggest I should buy! Thanks in advance!


  1. What a great question about stamps! I just bought some cheapies from Hobby Lobby to see if I'd use them on my projects. I'll be checking back to see the answers your followers have.

    (And I *sooooo* know about the mess one child can make. My little guy is just two, so you've assured me the mess continues as they get older...LOL!)

  2. I bought my 1st couple stamps (cling stamps) in the $1 packets along with an acrylic block from JoAnns. Then I bought some more stamps (cling & rubber) & enjoy stamping. I posted today 6/16/11 about a site 'Addicted to Rubber Stamping' that went out of business that I bought from. I recently found out about 2 online places that have much nicer stamps: Paper Trey Ink and ordered some from them and Peachy Keen face stamps to use on the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge, ordered some & am waiting for them to arrive.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  3. Ohhh my. I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one out there who went through these issues. On the child issue, mine mine used the guest room, since we didn't have many guests, for her stuff. I learned to clear it out when she was at school.
    Now onto stamps, I first bought from JoAnns dollar and other stamp sections, Hobby lobby and Michael's, but i wanted more out of my stamps. The previoulsy mentioned stamp work just fine but when you start looking what the bloggers are using the stamps from store are a little lacking in enthusiasm.
    About three weeks ago I finally did it and bought some from blogs I follow. Here is what I discovered.
    PSA Stamps- I love the design and found a good price on Amazon. I bought Smirk Caffeine Confidants, Smirk Many Moods, and Dare to Dream. I also bought the alignment tool and the stamper. I do not like the stamper so far because when I stamp they are slanted or to high/low. This could be user error but I didn't receive instructions and have found it hard to use, love the stamps.
    Peachy Keen-I was so confused at which grouping of faces to buy. I did not know what would be the most basic size I would use. I decided on Pk-450 Wide Eyed Kids Face Assortment It comes with 5 designs, ranging in size from 3/8 to 1, equaling 25 pieces, and 2 faces sized 1 3/8. These are so cute. I have only used one, but it worked great.
    K Andrew (getting cricky with K Andrew)- I bought the freedom stamps. I chose to buy hers because of what she represents in the blogging community. She has very wise words she shares with a Christian center focus. Her acts of Christianity are shown by how she designs the stamps to be associated with a non-profit organization and donates a percentage to them. Check her out at
    In conclusion it comes down to price first and what I plan on designing, most stamps online are $15 plus shipping, at stores I can use a coupon and buy them for around $8. However, I do want to support fellow bloggers/crafters. The quality seems to be similar and you can find deals on the blogger sites so if you find one you gotta have just keep checking out the site for discounts.

  4. Great question. I will be looking back to see all your answers.

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